Closing Remarks: Bob Washer, 2015-2017 MAF President

Dear Friends,
It has been said, “Time flies when you are having fun….” 
Here I am at the end of my two-year term as Michigan Architectural Foundation President, and I stand smiling and wondering where the time went. The projects, scholarships, and productive meetings are certainly a big part of MAF’s accomplishments, but personally, my greatest successes are measured by the relationships and friendships I have developed since I joined the MAF board in 2010.
More recently, I wondered how I would navigate the situation when I became the first non-architect MAF board president. Well, it’s been a ride… much like the Houston Astros as they won the 2017 World Series against many challenges, including hurricanes. Okay maybe not quite the same, but it’s been a great adventure. I feel fortunate and honored to have worked with an executive committee that was comprised of devoted and focused professionals….thanks guys.
We have built a lot of momentum in the past couple of years, and a revised website, more MAF news E-Blasts, video projects, interesting outings and events, and expanded youth programs for children in grades K-12 are just a few of the exciting happenings coming your way in 2018.
My many thanks go out to the MAF Board of Trustees, and my continued best wishes to architect Tom Mathison, as he moves into the MAF president’s role. Be assured that I will continue to remain actively involved in MAF’s efforts to promote public awareness of architecture statewide and nationwide.
As I repeat every month, we are YOUR foundation. It is our mission to make the public aware as to how architecture enriches our lives, and our objective is to spread the news of how MAF helps to do this. Please feel free to contact me, or any of our MAF board members, if you have programming or events we should consider and support into the future.
Thank you,  
Robert P. Washer, Honorary Affiliate AIAMI, FESD
2015-2017 President, Michigan Architectural Foundation