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All trustees are encouraged to be active members in one or more committees


Chaired by VP, includes Exec committee, and AIAMI President 24 trustees max. (Majority must be AIA MI member architects) Presents slate after AIAMI annual meeting and elections


Plans, implements and oversees annual funding campaign, special programs funding, and other development issues (all Trustees are expected to contribute)


Chaired by treasurer, oversees investments, develops investment policy and helps develop budget

Evans Grant

Oversees solicitations, evaluations and award of Evans grant (Lynne Francis support Staff)

Scholarship Committee

Oversees solicitations, evaluations and award of MAF Scholarships (Arch students)

Auction Committee

Oversees solicitations, production of auction materials, administers silent auction

K-5 Program

Develops and implements methods to promote architecture to elementary school children and their parents (2011 focus: “Architreks” DPTV partnership and update of lesson plans for MAF publication “Architecture: It’s Elementary”) Oversees solicitations, evaluations and award of MAF Grants to AIAMI Chapter grants