Grant Recipients

2016 Public Awareness Grant Winners:

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2015 Public Awareness Grant Winners:

AIA Michigan Southwest Chapter for the “Learn About Where You Live” program, featuring an historical drawing exhibit

The drawing exhibit will encompass the first four decades of the 20th century in Kalamazoo focusing on the 1920’s and 1930’s, a time when the population of Kalamazoo doubled and its architecture embodied a strong commitment to the community and its future. This commitment is represented in buildings that were designed and built to endure. Through the art and science of architectural drawings, this exhibit will show a history of Kalamazoo as well as a glimpse at the design process that supported these projects.  The projects exhibited are of Billingham & Cobb Architects and Engineers of Kalamazoo. The firm grew as Kalamazoo grew, first designing many buildings important to establishing the base of Kalamazoo’s industries – primarily the paper mills. Then throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s many prominent civic buildings that exist today were designed by Billingham & Cobb. These include the Kalamazoo County building, the Washington Square Library, the Marlboro building as well as several area public school buildings.  The exhibit will be housed in a the gallery at the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo, beginning November 6 running through the end of the month.

AIA Michigan Huron Valley Chapter for  the “Ultimate Lego Bricks Build-Off Exhibition”

The Annual Ultimate Lego Bricks Build-Off Exhibition is a community event continuing AIA HV’s collaboration with the Ann Arbor Art Center and involving students from age 5 thru high school. Students will use their own LEGO bricks to construct a dwelling for their favorite character. The competition encourages creativity, critical thinking skills, process-oriented thinking and helps students develop abstract thought to envision the project before it is complete.  The exhibition was held May 2 at the Ann Arbor Art Center.

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2011 Public Awareness Grant Winners:

AIA Flint Design Competition and Society of Architectural Historians 2012 Annual Meeting

Michigan Architectural Foundation recently awarded a $1,500 grant to the AIA Flint Chapter and $1,000 to the Society of Architectural Historians.
The AIA Flint Chapter is using the grant to help underwrite a portion of the cost associated with their recently completed design competition, which included 35 entries.  The Society of Architectural Historians is using the contribution to help fund their upcoming 2012 annual meeting, which will be held in Detroit.
More about the AIA Flint design competition…
AIA Flint held a design competition for the revitalization of Genesee Towers.  Constructed in 1968, this 19 story, 172,000 square foot structure is the tallest structure in Genesee County.  In 2004, it was condemned by the City of Flint.
Contestants provided a wide range of solutions for reuse of this structure, considering its historical, contextual, social and urban issues.  AIA evaluated the submissions based on creativity, practicality, benefits to the City of Flint and representation of ideas.
The Competition Jury included Mayor Dayne Walling, City of Flint, Dan Kildee, President/CEO of Center for Community Progress, Washington DC, Joel Rash, Downtown Flint Businessman, Douglas Kueffner, President AIA Flint, and Glen LeRoy, Dean, College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Technological University, Southfield MI.
Mark Levine and Hiep, Nguyen, Irvine CA placed first in the competition, proposing a Media Tower.  Second place was awarded to Ekachaie Pattamasattayasonthi and Brandon Edward Miller, Boston MA, proposing a flexible mixed use development, and Bade Stageburg Cox of Brooklyn NY placed third, with their Flint Metropolitan Tower.  The top student entry was submitted by Eric Craig, University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, proposing a new University of Michigan dorm.

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2010 Public Awareness Grant Winner:

AIA Grand Valley Chapter’s participation in Art Prize

2010 marked the second annual Art Prize event, held in Grand Rapids. (see What better setting for the Michigan Architectural Foundation to forward its mission of “increasing the public’s appreciation of how architecture enriches life”!
MAF awarded the Grand Valley AIA chapter $1,000 to help offset the cost of participating in Art Prize, with a 2,000 square foot store front location in the heart of the event. This store front included a number of opportunities to communicate the value of architecture to the public attending Art Prize:
  • The store front included an exhibit of architectural photography and architectural models
  • The photo collection Great Architecture of Michigan was on sale there as a keepsake and future reference, as well as T Shirts with the message “Architecture is Everywhere” The chapter’s annual award ceremony was held during Art Prize in the store front to move away from the traditional internal focus of the event to a more public offering, recognizing people and structures that embrace outstanding design in the Grand Rapids area
  • Members of the AIA Grand Valley Board of Directors staffed the store front to engage visitors and tell the story that design matters.
Plans are already underway on how the chapter can have even a more significant role in Art Prize in the years to come.