K-12 Education

Michigan Architectural Foundation is a resource to encourage future architectural professionals and policymakers. Thought processes nurturing an appreciation for creativity and design begin at a very young age. MAF offers materials for parents, teachers and school administrators to feed these thought processes from kindergarten through high school.
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Becoming an Architect, 3rd Edition – Having now sold over 10,000 copies, Becoming an Architect is the resource for any student aspiring to be an architect.

Teach Less, Integrate More
What should be the focus of design education: teaching technical skills or ways of thinking? In this six part series “Teach Less, Integrate More,”  Paul Backett advises against focusing on the latest software, and instead, advocates for teaching the traditional design process, which includes framing the problem, exploring ideas, making prototypes, and storytelling. Hear his thoughts on how to teach research, sketching, prototyping, collaboration, and presentation.