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MAF is partnering with Detroit Public Television (DPTV) to create an enhancement of our original K-5 program “Architecture: It’s Elementary”. The new program is called Architreks and is intended to air during the morning breakfast time, a key time slot for math/science programming.

During the 1 minute spot, a young adult, or high school student, acts as the host and excites the watchers and on-site participants about an activity involving a scientific principle that leads to a short explanation or experiment. At the end of the spot, a link to a website allows watchers to log on and get further info via a 2-5 minute web segment. The segment explains an idea for a fun activity that can be accomplished at home, or in the community, with parents or friends. The hits on the website are monitored to gauge interest, which have shown this to be very successful.

The Architreks spot features recent graduate intern architects and/or high school students who are interested in pursuing architecture as hosts, catapulting them into instant stardom (in OUR minds of course). DPTV provided MAF with the DPTV Services and Facilities necessary to produce two 1-minute Architreks broadcast vignettes, accompanied by two 2-5 minute Architreks web segments. The first two episodes, shot in Grand Rapids and Detroit, feature prominent buildings and Architreks through typical neighborhoods to find architectural treasures.

The pilot segments (below) are precursors for a larger production run. MAF’s goal is to make Architreks available to Public television across the state and eventually across the country. To the best of our knowledge, nothing like this is being done for architecture anywhere. Armed with DVDs of these initial segments, as well as its website, MAF now is targeting and engaging funding sources to underwrite production of all segments. This process will fulfill both the missions of MAF and DPTV, utilizing the expertise of both effectively.