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Founded in 1957 by the Michigan Society of Architects (now AIA Michigan), the Michigan Architectural Foundation is one of the oldest architectural foundations in the United States. Its close link with AIA Michigan continues to this day despite the growing independence and strength of the Foundation. The Michigan Architectural Foundation is recognized as a tax-exempt organization, as described in the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), whose mission is to increase public appreciation of how architecture enriches life. The Foundation is governed by an elected Board of Trustees, with a majority being members of AIA Michigan.

Michigan Architectural Foundation is dedicated to the promotion, perpetuation and preservation of architecture as a fine art. By serving as a visible resource for funding, information and educational programs, we increase the public’s appreciation for architecture, which encourages cohesive, sustainable communities, increasing economic value, enriching experiences and adding beauty.

The main source of income to the Foundation continues to be growing the money derived from the accumulated assets and investments of the Foundation. Solicited gifts and donations to the Foundation, from AIA Michigan members, private corporations and individuals, indicate an increased awareness of the Foundation’s value to the public and the profession. We continue to nurture new sources of funding and the growth of what will one day be a self-sustaining endowment. The Foundation has the fiduciary obligation to build and protect its investments so that its mission of support can continue and grow for many years to come. The Foundation’s assets are carefully invested in conservative funds.