Public Awareness Grants Program

MAF Public Awareness Grants Purpose

Architecture enriches our lives, and the more that the people of Michigan understand its contribution to our organizations, communities and State, the higher the quality of life in Michigan. It is for this reason that the MAF provides financial assistance to organizations and individuals that organize, sponsor and promote events, lectures, publications and experiences that communicate those values and add to the awareness of architecture. We define all of these public awareness vehicles as “programs” for the sake of the grant process. Grants are awarded throughout the year, and are judged by the Board of Trustees Public Awareness Committee and approved by the MAF Board of Trustees.

Criteria for Award

The applications will evaluated on the following:

  • Promotion – to what extent does the program promote an understanding of how architecture enriches lives and the Michigan Architectural Foundation’s mission?
  • Audience – how many of the public will likely engage with or receive this program either directly or through media channels?
  • Leverage – to what extent will this investment attract other resources or other organizations to support the message?
  • Need – how important is the grant money to the organization and its ability to produce the program?
  • Results – what is the likely outcome or result of the program after its completion?


The following requirements must be met at minimum to be considered. All submissions must:

  1. Promote architecture rather than architects
  2. Be located or produced within the State of Michigan
  3. Conform to the Application Requirements that follow


Organizations or individuals will submit a brief electronic submission to our website and email it to the Chair of the Public Awareness Committee.

Submissions may be made at any time during the year; however, the Board meets quarterly to approve them.

The Chair will forward applications that conform to the Public Awareness Committee and they will send their recommendation to the Board for approval at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

The Board of Trustees will approve the application and the Chair will notify the recipient within three days of the approval.

After the event, the successful recipient will upload the Evaluation Report indicating actual performance of the program and its communication success.

Upon receipt of the successful Evaluation Report, the Chair will authorize reimbursement sent to the contact individual. A check will be sent thereafter.

Application Requirements

Our goal is to make the submission as succinct and simple as possible for applicants. The submission quality is more important than the quantity, so we limit the amount of 8 1/2’’x11” pages you can submit and provide you a required outline for the submission.

  1. Cover letter ( 1 page) – the letter should include the name of your organization, the name of program, AIA Chapter, Section or member sponsoring the submission, contact information, any partnering organizations involved and narrative that explains how specifically the program addresses the Criteria for the Award and the amount of money requested.
  2. Program Profile ( 1 page) – provide narrative in the following order:
    1. Program description – mission, content and individuals involved.
    2. Audience expected  both in numbers and profile
    3. Schedule – timeframe for implementation or execution.
    4. Budget – indicate the complete cost of the program and the specific items for which the grant is to be used. The cost to attend or procure, if there is one, should be included. Include all other sources of funds.
    5. Communications – describe how the program will communicate to the public, before, during and after the event through both conventional media and social media. Indicate how the MAF will be recognized in these communications.
  3. Exhibits (1 page) if needed

Provide graphic material, photographs or other imagery appropriate to your case for support.

Example of Past Recipients

You will find examples of past recipient and programs at the following link:

Post Program Evaluation for Successful Applicants

Please email your Program Evaluation to the Chair of the Public Awareness Committee with the following information after the program completion.

  • Program Name
  • Date of program or completion
  • Actual attendance or audience
  • Press releases or other media channel examples
  • Images from the event or program


Contact Damian Farrell FAIA, Chair of the Public Awareness Committee:

Email: Phone: 734.998.1331

How to Apply
Submit no more than the three pages as PDF to the Chair of the Committee above.