The Evans Graham Preservation Award

Evans Graham Preservation Award Introduction

The Award was created in 1998 to honor the memory of David Evans, FAIA, a talented and generous preservation architect.  The purpose of the Award is to provide financial assistance and recognition to groups or individuals seeking to preserve historic Michigan architecture, site or artifacts. Ralph Graham, co-founder of the award, guided its development until his passing. The Award was re-named in 2015 to honor his leadership and contribution.  Today, the Award of $10,000 is granted annually by a jury based on the merits of the project.

Criteria for Selection

The criteria for the Award are:

  1. Creativity – The project demonstrates creative solution(s) to a preservation problem.
  2. Community – The final result will benefit the community within which it resides aesthetically, with increased visibility or as an educational influence.
  3. Quality -The project reflects the values of David Evans and Ralph Graham:
    1. Represents design and technical excellence
    2. Is impactful – will make a difference
    3. Is a model for others to follow


The project must:

  1. Be owned or led by an IRS qualified non-profit organization.
  2. Be located within the State of Michigan.
  3. Have an American Institute of Architects Michigan (AIAM registered architect) member involved as a consultant, advisor, or volunteer. A list of AIAM architects willing to provide pro bono consulting is available at the end of this document.


Organizations will submit a PDF application and project description to the jury contact at the end of this document beginning in February of 2019.

  • Submissions must be received by the end of the day April 2, 2019.
  • The Evans Graham Preservation Award Jury will deliberate and select the recipient April 19, 2019. The successful organization will be notified the same day.
  • The Award will be formally presented at the Michigan Architectural Annual Meeting April 25, 2019.
  • The Award money will be distributed thereafter.

Application Requirements

It’s is the intent of the jury to make the submission as efficient and succinct as possible to save time for applicants. The quality of the submission is more important than the quantity of exhibits. To that end, applicants should submit their project in conformance with the following outline.

  1. Cover letter (1 page) – the letter should include; name of the project, name of the organization, confirmation of IRS status, name of contact person, contact information, and a paragraph summarizing how the project addresses the three criteria for the award.
  2. Project Team (1 page) – Brief description and history of the organization. Project leaders from the organization.  List of professionals and contractors involved in the project and their roles. Name of AIAM member involved and their role.
  3. Project description (2 pages) – answer the following questions:
    1. What is the story/history of the project?
    2. What preservation problem(s) does it address?
    3. What are the creative solutions?
    4. What are the benefits to the community?
    5. What is the budget for the project?
    6. How will the award dollars be spent?
  4. Project Exhibits (4 pages maximum) – Provide the graphic information that is most important to the case for the award.  This may include photographs, renderings, plans or details that describe the project and its creativity, quality and benefits to the community.

AIA Michigan Architects Offering Pro Bono Consultation

Click here for the list

The Jury and Past Winners

You will find past winners of the Evans Graham Preservation Award and Jury members on at


If you have questions or need additional information, contact Carl D. Roehling FAIA at
Phone: (313) 442-8420 – email:

How to Apply

Submit as PDF by email to the Evans Graham Preservation Award Jury contact above.